Energy-Efficient Sliding Windows for Iron Mountain, MI, Homes

We love how windows bring airflow and natural light into homes. What we don’t like is when old, poorly installed windows don’t properly limit heat transfer into and out of a home. Allowing heat to escape the home in the winter or penetrate the home in the summer is an easy way to wear out any HVAC unit and increase energy bills. Fortunately, this problem is solved with high-quality sliding windows installed by the expert window contractor, The Window Store. We’re your trusted source for replacement windows and professional installations in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  

Top-Quality Sliding Window Installations

How are our sliding windows energy-efficient? For starters, we know that quality counts when it comes to energy efficiency, so we use the durable materials and components. Everything comes together in a thoughtfully crafted design that includes:

  • A weather-stripping triple mylar poly-fin seal
  • Polyurethane window frame insulation
  • Insulating gas between double panes
  • Low-E coating that reflects infrared light

Before our vinyl sliding windows are installed in your home, they endure rigorous tests to ensure they can keep your home comfortable. Then, we install them into your home with great precision. There are no sub-contractors involved—you’ll have our team of specially trained and certified installers instead. They use the best installation practices for a secure, leak-free fit.

The Preferred Replacement Window Company

There’s no need to wait to get new sliding windows for your Iron Mountain, MI, home. Contact The Window Store today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’re available to install replacement windows, siding, doors, and more.