Energy-Efficient Double-Hung Windows for Escanaba, MI, Homes

Windows are an important part of any home since they affect energy efficiency, style, natural light, and ventilation. The Window Store understands the importance of windows, so we offer high-quality double-hung windows for Escanaba, Michigan, homes. We are a replacement window company with many years of experience providing comprehensive, expert-level window installation services for homeowners.

Double-Hung Windows With High-End Features

Double-hung windows have two operating sashes that move up and down to allow ventilation. This is a great design for ventilating your home because it lets warm air escape out of the top sash and cool air enter through the lower sash. Additionally, our replacement windows are a great option for your home because they are:


Our vinyl windows are energy efficient because they feature polyurethane window frame insulation and an advanced triple weather-stripping seal.


A double-contoured Narrowline exterior mainframe increases the style and viewing area of our double-hung window. Also, our mortised locks and wood-style coved trim around the glass add an extra level of craftsmanship.

Easy to Operate

Enjoy easy operation with a tilt-in feature, contoured lift rails, and a pretensioned, dual pulley block-and-tackle balance system.


Double-hung windows are low maintenance because you can clean the entire window from inside your home.

Meet With a Window Contractor

Contact The Window Store today to schedule a complimentary consultation at your Escanaba, MI, home. We would love to discuss what your ideal double-hung windows look like and how we can provide that.