Siding featured on back of houseChoose Seamless Siding for Your Houghton, MI, Home

At The Window Store, we’re a strong proponent of seamless siding for homes in Houghton, Michigan. We’ll tell you why!

What is Seamless Siding?

We’ll first explain what seamless siding isn’t because that’s what most people are more familiar with. If your house has regular siding, the siding contains lots of small planks sitting on top of each other. The goal is to protect your home from the elements and other damage, even though the seams between the planks are visible. Seamless siding, on the other hand, contains long planks that wrap around your home in uniform pieces. This also protects your home but in a more effective way. There are also no seams to show, giving your home a smooth, uniform appearance.

Why is Seamless Siding Better?

By using fewer pieces to cover your home, seamless siding eliminates gaps. This type of steel siding has multiple benefits including:

  • Less weak points in your siding
  • A polished, curb-ready look
  • Additional protection against moisture and mold
  • Extra wind resistance

Why Use ABC Seamless Siding?

Our team at The Window Store installs ABC seamless siding. We like this specific brand of siding because it’s:  

  • Crafted with sturdy 28-gauge steel
  • Made on-site using the exact dimensions of your home
  • Available in many finishes, textures, and colors

Why Choose The Window Store?

We’re the siding company that you can count on. Our team is trained with the best installation practices for ABC Seamless siding and we never use subcontractors. This means that our professionals will be the only ones working on your home from start to finish.

Want to learn more? If you have any questions or are ready for new seamless siding for your Houghton, MI, home, then contact us today. We’re happy to help!