Installing Beautiful Double-Hung Windows for Negaunee,Outdoor view through double-hung window MI, Homeowners

If the windows at your Negaunee, Michigan, home are cracked, drafty, or downright dingy, you won’t want to wait too long before investing in replacements. The Window Store Home Improvement Center is your local source for premium replacement windows—including our exceptional double-hung windows—and impeccable service.

Establish a Classic Look With Double-Hung Windows

Take a moment to paint a mental picture of a house window. There is a good possibility that the window you envisioned was a double-hung window. That’s because double-hung windows are one of the more popular window styles, often chosen by homeowners who desire a timeless look for their homes. But a classic aesthetic doesn’t mean you can’t make these windows your own. Thanks to a bevy of colors and hardware finishes, our double-hung windows can be customized to complement your home both inside and out.

Our double-hung windows also offer an abundance of benefits for your enjoyment, including:

  • Convenient maintenance – Double-hung windows feature a bottom sash and a top sash, both of which tilt inward for an easy clean from inside the home.
  • Maximum ventilation – When both sashes are left open on a double-hung window, hot air can escape through the top while cooler air is drawn into the home through the bottom.
  • Space for an air conditioning unit – Because their bottom sashes slide up, double-hung windows are perfect for holding small air conditioning units.

Window Installation by Professionals

Even the most avid DIYers would advise that window replacement projects should be performed by professionals. At The Window Store Home Improvement Center, we have some of the most experienced window installers on our team. Not only will we ensure your double-hung windows fit precisely in their openings without any gaps, we won’t consider the job finished until you’re completely satisfied. Contact us today to get stated with a free consultation at your Negaunee, MI, home.