Restorations Windows

Restorations Windows has made a commitment to improving the nation’s environment.  And are doing it by not only providing energy efficient windows and doors that help conserve our nation’s resources, but by also committing to “green” manufacturing principles.

Certainly, there are easier paths for manufacturers to follow. Designing and manufacturing with the environment in mind is no simple task. But by using technology to minimize scrap and waste and by being vigilant in recycling items, everyone at Restorations Windows take pride in knowing that they are doing the right thing for our country’s environment.

Restorations Windows provide some of this country’s most energy efficient products; they are also doing their part in helping people save money on their home’s heating and cooling costs. Everyday, our nation’s environment is put to yet another challenge…and at Restorations Windows, they are addressing them one window at time.

Look for the Label
The National Fenestration Rating Council’s ( Energy Performance label provides “apples to apples” testing data in order to help consumers compare the performance characteristics of different brands of windows and doors. Restorations windows tests all of their products to these exacting standards.

Energy Star ( is a United States government supported program dedicated to helping consumers protect the environment through the investment in energy efficient products. Restorations Windows exceed Energy Star’s performance guidelines in every state of the country

Something to think about…
If all single pane residential vinyl windows in the United States were replaced with ENERGY STAR qualifying models, the nation would save over $12 billion per year in energy costs.

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